You have endless Pinterest boards and screenshots of scroll-worthy inspiration, scattered post-its notes sprinkled with what you thought were brilliant photo ideas, and a general sense of what you wish your brand looked like. 

You know that creating branded content is important, but when it comes to actually bringing this vision to life, you're completely lost. 

You're craving a visual direction and a strategy that will help you produce a brand photoshoot that will take your brand to the next level and successfully communicate your brand style and story. 



A course that guides you through my signature process and provides a suite of tools and resources that will help you define your brand style, leaving you with a shot list for your next brand photoshoot and a visual strategy to carry forward.

Because as much as I believe in dreamy inspiration boards, I also stand behind the power of a structured process and an actionable strategy. 

This is one of my favourite parts of the branding process, because it's FUN! We get to dive into the elements of your brand style, play on Pinterest (with intention, of course), build an inspiration board and pull out the themes, tone words and details that will help us plan a brand photoshoot. 

You'll receive the brand styling brief I use with my clients, the workmats that I've developed to help you dissect your inspiration and turn it into specific shot ideas, and a suite of other resources and tools.

Whether you're looking to create branded content for Instagram, your website, or any other brand touchpoint, one thing is for certain — your brand photos need to shine.

Experience my signature process — from inspiration board to visual strategy — with the same set of tools I use for my one-on-one clients, but for a fraction of the price


"When it comes to social media marketing this VSM course takes the cake. It helped me strip down my brand to its most important and key elements, organize my content, and was a lot of fun to do! Since taking the course I am more organized and forward thinking and have increased my following and engagement on instagram. Thanks Paige!"

— Lady Hayes, Lady Hayes Floral Crowns

Thank you so much for creating Brand it Beautiful. It's exactly what I needed as I refresh my brand and online presence while transitioning to a new market.

As a person who is both a visual and linear thinker, I appreciate so much the "flow" of the Brand it Beautiful process. The way you move students through the process feels natural and logical, but because of the genius design of the visual strategy canvas, it feels like you've made us a map that we can follow from brand confusion to brand clarity. I've done several other online courses, and yours has connected best with me (and the way my brain works) by far the best out of all of them!”

— Dallas Curow, Photographer



  • Narrow in on your brand story, identify what the themes are within that, and capture the details that tie it all together and allow your vision to come to life
  • Ensure that your brand images are visually aligned with your brand values and vision
  • Explore creative ideas for your branded content, but within a structured framework
  • Turn an inspiration board into a vision you can bring to life through actionable steps
  • Confidently plan a brand photoshoot, with a specific shot list and ideas for customized backdrops and props
  • Create a suite of branded content for you to pull from whenever needed, without having to stress about creating new imagery that represents your brand on the fly
  • Style your brand and tell your story in a visual manner, attracting your dream audience and clients

What we'll be covering in the Visual Strategy Masterclass:

brand styling brief

In Module 1 we'll fill out the brand styling brief, which will help us to set our intentions for this process, provide a little bit of clarity as to what we’re hoping to accomplish, and capture the essence of your brand by narrowing in on your brand style and story.


In Module 2, we start to create our inspiration board. We’ll be starting on Pinterest and then using my detailed process to narrow down our inspiration board as we hone in on creative themes through the imagery.


In Module 3, we start grouping our inspiration images by theme, and then we’ll use the Brand Theme Breakdown workmat to define our brand tone words, and pinpoint how we can apply the inspiration to specific details.


In this step we’ll be pulling information and content from the first three steps and also filling out some fields. This is the culmination of all the work we’ve done up until this point, and the canvas will act as a reference guide for planning your shoot - and really, an overview of your brand style as a whole, with lots of key information all organized in one place.

plan your shoot

In Module 5, we'll be creating a detailed shot list that incorporates your brand colour palette, style and personality that we’ve identified in the earlier modules. As we get specific with how we’re going to bring each image to life and organize our shot list into a spreadsheet, we’ll also start to build a list of backdrops we want to create and props to source, so that by the time you’re finished with this module, you’ll be ready for your brand photoshoot.


Styling is about more than just arranging pretty things — it can help to evoke emotion, convey a message and tell a story. Your styling choices should be meaningful and cohesive, and we’ll start to learn how to do this through your backdrop and prop choices. We’ll dive into layout and composition, and talk through all the ins and outs of creating branded content as we learn how to bring your ideas to life.


On top of the core course content, you'll also receive:

  • Brand Styling Brief Worksheet
  • Brand Theme Breakdown Workmat (digital and print-ready PDFs)
  • Visual Strategy Canvas Workmat (digital and print-ready PDFs)
  • Tone Word Bank Cheatsheet
  • Shot List Spreadsheet Template
  • Social Media Image Size Cheatsheet
  • Photoshoot Planning Checklist
  • Private Facebook community access

“The Visual Strategy Masterclass was a wonderful way to for me to collect my thoughts about my business and consider how I really wanted my brand to be perceived. I think one of the aspects that stood out to me the most was that the Visual Strategy Masterclass isn’t just about planning, it’s also about execution. This class comes with a lot of wonderful tools to apply to your business and it is very detailed and clear to follow. I would recommend this course to anyone who has a business or is dreaming of one in the future.”

Tellie Hunt, Hunt and Gather

"I've thoroughly enjoyed your course and keep going back to reference it. The most useful part of your course is that it has created structure for such a creative process. It helps me keep on track, stay focused and stop wasting time! I chose to go through the process by printing out the worksheets, I prefer to work that way. Thank you so much for this course, it was been extremely helpful, not just for my brand story, but for planning collection-specific photoshoots!"

— Adrianne Pepitone, Studio Pep 

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You'll create an account in the Brand It Beautiful school and enroll in the Visual Strategy Masterclass

You'll receive immediate access to all of the course modules and resources and can dive into the content as soon as you're ready, going through the process at your own pace


Time to make magic!


"It's been great to be able to really take a look at the colours and types of imagery I want to use. I've always had an idea, but it's been fairly scattered and the class has helped me narrow down the palette and focus. I never really thought about tone words or themes before, but I can see now that distilling what I'm actually trying to communicate is so necessary!”

— Robyn Molnar, Nightshift Ceramics

“You are seriously undercharging for this course! :)

There is incredible value and insight in it, not to mention all the templates and checklists. I particularly love that the video components are short, so I can spend time putting things into action instead of investing time watching and listening."

— Heather Watterworth, Creative Worth Communications + Design


I'm Paige, owner and creative director of Studio Bicyclette, former boutique owner and pink lipstick lover. 

I help other lifestyle brands and boutique businesses find their magic, style their brand and tell their story through beautiful, strategic content.

Through the evolution of my own brand — from boutique to lifestyle brand to studio, I learned a few things along the way, and now help other brands and businesses do what I did for my own.

Through years of creating visual content and building my brand by doing so, I've developed an innate ability to turn a collection of inspiration images into an actionable visual strategy.

I started to fine tune this process, breaking it down into 5 steps and developing a set of tools around it that would streamline both my own work, and also could be used for someone who wants to create their own visual strategy for their brand photos. And here we are!


The fact of the matter is, when it comes to creating stand-out-from-the-crowd content, it can be a little daunting. I've been there. When there's so much visual content competing for our attention — and a lot of amazing content at that — how are we supposed to stand out?

By styling your brand and telling your story through a visual strategy.

In the same way that you spend hours finessing the copy on your website, carefully crafting your newsletters or blog posts and scrutinizing every word in a caption, you need a direction and a plan that will help you create branded content that will take your brand to the next level and successfully communicate your brand style and story.

And that's where the Visual Strategy Masterclass comes in.



  • You’re ready to kickstart a visual strategy for your brand
  • You want to create a signature, recognizable brand presence
  • You need help defining your brand style and telling your story
  • You love gathering inspiration for your brand but don’t know how to translate that into brand photos
  • You want your brand to stand out with beautiful, strategic content


  • You’re looking for a one-style-fits all approach to your brand imagery
  • You’re not ready to dive into your brand story and identify what your unique brand style is
  • You’re looking for a how-to guide for taking your brand photos (this masterclass is all about creating a visual strategy, an essential first step)


+ When does the course start and finish?

You'll have access to all course content and resources as soon as you purchase, until forever! It’s completely self-paced, so you decide when you want to start and how long it takes you to finish.

+ I’m at the very beginning stages of my brand/business. Is this course still right for me?

Absolutely! Since we start by diving into your brand style and story in Module 1, this course is great if you’re at the very beginning of your branding journey.

+ How long do I have access to this course?

How does forever sound? After you enroll in the Visual Strategy Masterclass, you’ll have unlimited access to this course and all of the tools and resources included for as long as you’d like.

+ Is the price listed in USD or CAD?

It is listed in USD, which currently works out to approximately $180 CAD (but of course is subject to fluctuations!)

+ What’s the refund policy on this course?

Due to the digital nature of this particular training, there are no refunds.

+ Is this process digital or by hand?

Because I know we all have different preferences for how we learn and implement, I’ve designed the process so that you can do it either digitally (with editable PDFs) or by hand (by printing out the worksheet and workmats), and have included all the tools and resources in both formats.

+ Do I need any other tools or resources in order to implement this process?

There are a few things that will make going through this process a little easier, especially if you’ve opted to print out the materials and do it that way. We’ll go through the specifics in the introductory module (which you’ll gain access to right away), but they include simple items that you likely already have on-hand, like post-it notes, sharpies and tape. If you do go through the process by hand, you will have to print out the materials yourself. Oh, and you’ll also need a Pinterest account.

+ I’m looking for help on my brand photos specifically for Instagram, is this still the right course?

For sure! Instagram is one of my favourite visual platforms, and one of the best places to showcase your brand photos. Even if you only are interested in creating content for Instagram, this course is perfect for you.

+ I have no interest in actually taking my own photos and will be hiring someone else to do that. Is this course still applicable?

Yes! Since this course doesn’t actually dive into the specifics of taking photos and is more focused on defining a visual strategy for your brand photoshoot, it’s a great option for you if you’re looking to work with someone (or a team) for your brand photos. You’ll end up with a specific shot list and a list of signature backdrops and props that will prepare you for your shoot and help to communicate with the rest of your team.

+ Will I have access to any future updates to the course itself and the tools and resources included?

You bet! As any updates are made to the course, you will continue to have unlimited access.

+ What if I have further questions?

Get in touch! I'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have, simply email me at